Booking Your First Corporate Consulting Gig Masterclass
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  • 6 Hours of screen-shared video training that walks you through exactly how to book your first corporate consulting gig. There are three training modules. 
  • Detailed class handout documents that have sample pitching templates, the exact details on how to book your first corporate consulting gig (and more), and details on building social proof. There's even a way to create a sample consulting contract. 
  • Practical training on how to build your foundation, social proof as a consultant, and book paid gigs.  
  • Social proof training: on how to get into your first few large publications and use them to book corporate consulting gigs organically. You'll learn how to get into a large publication that pays $10,000 a month for content. 
  • How to get started:​ you'll learn a strategy to start with consulting companies locally, and then move to companies nationally, and internationally. 
  • Self paced-training:​ this is an online training class that you can take at your own pace. It's not live. Take this as you're ready with a pace that works for you. 
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